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Exploring the prevalence and impact of stress, burnout, and mental health challenges on the cybersecurity workforce

About The Project

To measure and address the impact of stress, burnout, and mental health issues in the cybersecurity workforce. Learn more.

About The Survey

Consists of just 20 questions, is completely anonymous, and takes an average of just 4 minutes to complete. Take the survey now.

Why It Matters

PsyberResilience is critically important in making sure our digital first responders don’t break in their efforts to protect us. Learn More.

Getting Help

If you’re struggling with stress, burnout, or mental health issues, we have resources and partners who can help. Learn More.

"Cybersecurity professionals are trying to save everyone. Does someone need to save them?"

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It’s Time For A Critically Important Conversation About The Role Of PsyberResilience In Your Risk Management

A recent article by Dark Reading summed up the challenge “The industry is beginning now to talk openly about “burnout” – but beyond leaving infosec professionals feeling frustrated and tired, the job can leave some feeling isolated, unwell, and unsafe.

And that’s a problem not just for the professionals in the industry – it’s an issue that reverberates into their families, their world views, and the cybersecurity of the businesses and systems they aim to protect.”

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  • The vast majority of CISOs (88%) admit to being moderately or tremendously stressed (Nominet).
  • Nearly half of CISOs say work stress has had a detrimental impact on their mental health, double previous years (Nominet).
  • Nearly a third of CISOs, 31%, reported that their stress had impacted their physical health (Nominet).
  • 65% of SOC professionals say stress has caused them to think about quitting (Ponemon).
  • 64% of cybersecurity professionals have considered quitting their jobs and 63% have considered leaving the industry altogether specifically because of stress and burnout (Symantec).
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Invaluable Insights

The most comprehensive and accurate insights into the mental strength, resilience, and vulnerability of one of the most important employee groups

Psyber Vulnerability Assessment

An important tool in identifying the biggest mental weaknesses and vulnerabilities in this group and where the greatest attention and mitigation is required.

A Blueprint for PsyberResilience

The more we know about the emotional and mental health challenges, the better prepared we are to effectively address them.

Changes Over Time

Tracking and measuring the changes in mental wellness and challenges amongst these professionals over months and years.

Coping Skills For Professionals

An opportunity to craft effective coping and management skills that will work best for the needs of this specific group.

For The Next Generation

Preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals for the less visible challenges and obstacles they might encounter.

An Opportunity To Vent

Sharing your struggles is a powerful therapy on its own, and it’s important these professionals know they’re being listened to.

Tools For Employers

Creating tools and programs for employers to minimize the stressors and maximize the resilience of these professionals.

A Blueprint for Everyone

A chance to use this program to create a blueprint for employee mental wellness across the entire organization and workforce.

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